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Since April 2016, I’ve had the pleasure of being a contributing writer to the W42ST magazine in NYC.  I feel very fortunate to be part of this magazine especially as an outlet to share my nutrition knowledge and expertise and to spread healthy messages and science-based nutrition information to people.   I hope you enjoy reading these articles just as much as I have writing them.  Click here for a full list of my published articles: and I’ve listed a few titles with links below.

December 2017 issue: Seven Ways to Banish the Holiday Bloat

November 2017 issue: Five Ways to Supercharge Your Smoothie

October 2017 issue: The Whole Truth About the Whole 30

September 2017 issue: The Good, the Bad and the Truth About Bacteria

August 2017 issue: Ten Ways to Eat Real Food on the Cheap

July 2017 issue: Move It                 

June 2017 issue: The Sweet Spot  

May 2017 issue: Six Foods with the Power to Heal (w/ recipes) 

April 2017 issue: Big Fat Lies                                                            

February 2017 issue: Make It Super (food trends)

January 2017 issue: Kitchen Cold Turkey   

December 2016 issue:  The Gift That Keeps On Giving (with recipes)

November 2016 issue:  Healthier Holiday Eating (with recipes) (page 28-29 & 31)

October 2016 issue: OMG it’s GMO! (with recipes)   (page 58-59)

September 2016 issue: Deceptive food labels 69)

August 2016 issue: Let Battle Commence *ways to please Picky Eaters (with recipes) (page 34-35)

July 2016 issue: Drinking your Diet      (page 61)

June 2016 issue: Small But Mighty Seeds (page 61)

May 2016 issue: Dirty Dozen vs. Clean 15  (page 61)

April 2016 issue: Skinny Genes *Nutrigenomics (page 61)

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